Let's Get Out There!

First published 19th Aug, 2021

Movement Is Key To Good Health

Movement is key to good health. Spending long hours sitting is not. We know, we know - desk jobs cannot be avoided for most of us. But trying to counter that sitting with an hour of hectic cardio at the gym is also not the way forward. It’s something that most of us don’t keep up or won’t try at all. 

Walking Is The Answer

Walking is something most of us can do. No not to the fridge and back, a conscious 30 minutes, preferably in the fresh air, at a pace that gets your heart rate going but is not too uncomfortable. If you do this 5 times a week, you will be winning.

Schedule It

The 30 minutes can even be broken into two 15 minute sessions, but the key to making it a habit that sticks is to sit down and think “When can I fit this in?” When you have your answer mentally commit to that time each day, even put it in your diary. It’s no good saying “I’ll fit it in sometime today” - life takes over and that “sometime” never comes.

That’s it in a nutshell. No gym with intimidating machines and supermodels clad in lycra, unless you want to of course. No hectic speed that makes bits wobble and faces red - just a walk. We guarantee that after a few weeks of this you will feel great.

Get The Family Out 

You may even be tempted to sign up for a fun 5 kilometre walk - there's a great one coming up at 8 am at Christ Church, corner of Bergview and Ridge Road, Hilton on 21 August. It happens once a month and everyone is welcome along with their dogs and/or children, even those in prams.

TasteBox will be there, giving away a TasteBox of your choice to one lucky winner, drawn randomly, and we will have discount vouchers for anyone interested in trying out our service. Steph, our team leader and dietician, will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

We hope to see you there!


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