Get The Scoop On Our Pricing

First published 4th Jul, 2023

The price of food these days is all over the place. Throw in our struggling economy, and suddenly we need to start making smarter choices. This is true for us as a small business, and you as a consumer. This is why we are so thrilled to introduce our new pricing tiers: Budget, Standard and Premium. This gives us more flexibility to maintain the standards we hold dear, such as quality ingredients, nutritional value and portion size, while giving you the freedom to choose which meals either match your budget or meet your fancy. 

So what are the prices of the tiers?

Budget is R85.00 per person per meal.
Standard is R95.00 per person per meal.
Premium is R105.00 per person per meal.

The price tiers are based on the cost it takes to prepare the meals, and not on the taste, nutritional value, portion size or exoticness of the meal. For example, a vegetarian pasta contains less expensive ingredients than pulled pork tacos - both can be equally delicious though! 
So now when you build your box, you will have the option to choose between these three pricing tiers, depending on your budget that week or month! 


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