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I can help you and your family take charge of your health and wellness.

Hi, I am Steph

You may have seen from our “The Team” page that I am a qualified dietician. I qualified with my Bachelor of Science in dietetics in 2010, completed my post-graduate diploma in 2011 and then started practicing. In 2015 I completed my Masters.

After a few years working in State hospitals, I started my private practice in Pietermaritzburg, KZN, in 2012. Since then, I have been consulting with mostly individuals but also frequently with couples and whole families. I absolutely love going on a journey with someone who is motivated to improve their health and well-being and being a witness to this transformation.

I am by no means the “diet police”. I am not one to slide a diet plan across the table and tell you to get on with it. No man can survive (let alone thrive) on grilled chicken and steamed broccoli alone. I listen to your story; understand the barriers you are facing and together we will come up with a solution. Looking at the whole picture is very important to me; eating well is obviously important but there are so many other aspects that can improve your health – sleep, moving your body, hormone regulation and managing stress to name a few.

Want to take this further? There are 3 options available to you:

  • An online consult over Zoom / Google Meet
  • A home visit where I come to you (limited to residents of Hilton)
  • An appointment at my office in Clarendon, Pietermaritzburg (see location here).

Send me a message from here and we can set up whichever of the above options suit you best.

I can’t wait to meet you and get you started on your health and wellness journey.

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