Our Meals

There’s nothing the TasteBox team enjoys more than creating new meals. We get to do two things we love – cooking and eating – and somehow call it work!

Always on the hunt for new ideas, inspiration often comes from the most unexpected places. But every meal that makes it to the testing phase must have two things: plenty of nutrition and great South African taste.

A delicious TasteBox meal

All TasteBox meals are assessed by Steph, a qualified and experienced dietician, to ensure they are well-balanced and varied enough to support an overall healthy diet for all ages.

Each individual meal kit is tested multiple times to make sure that the result is more than satisfactory, the recipe instructions are easy to follow, and the portions are adequate. Every meal must also first pass the family test and if something is not quite up to the TasteBox standard we re-start the process!

The final ingredient is convenience. All our meals can be cooked in under an hour with everything already chopped and ready for the pot so you can enjoy the best part - filling the kitchen with mouth watering aromas and serving up a freshly cooked meal at home!

A TasteBox meal kit

We hope you enjoy our meals as much as we love dreaming them up, and we hope to meet you on delivery day soon!


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