Meet the Team

Two health fanatics with a mission and a message - that healthy eating isn’t hard.

The TasteBox team working in the kitchen

TasteBox began as a mother-daughter team that set out to teach people that cooking healthy food at home is actually easy, and they’re doing it one delicious, nutritious meal at a time.

From the TasteBox HQ in Hilton, each week the team tests and prepares a number of well-balanced, down-to-earth meals that are easy to cook and suited to the South African palette. The ingredients are ethically sourced, chopped, weighed, packed, and delivered with care every week so singles, couples, and families can learn to cook healthy meals at home.

Steph is a fully qualified dietician with 10 years of experience, 9 Comrades finishes, and mother to a beautiful baby boy. A passionate cook and long-time champion of health, Steph oversees the planning of each meal to ensure an equal measure of nutrition, convenience, and taste gets delivered in each meal kit.

Steph from the TasteBox team

Alex, also known as Lowly (the worm), is a mother of 4 and the writer behind the Run Happy blog. A trained accountant and strong proponent that the kitchen is the heart of the home, Alex keeps an eagle eye on the TasteBox numbers while testing, tweaking, and tasting hundreds of meals in her kitchen.

Steph from the TasteBox team

Phumla is the most recent addition to the TasteBox team. Apart from her undeniable baby whispering skills, she also plays a vital role on delivery day by assisting in chopping incredible amounts of fresh veg, weighing ingredients, and getting boxes ready for delivery.

Phumla from the TasteBox team

If you have any questions for the team, please just don’t hesitate to get in touch!

The TasteBox team together


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