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Our lives are frantic, technology rules us, our nerves are frazzled and eating has become something we do on the go. And to make matters worse, we are passing this on to our children as the normal thing to do.

3rd Sep, 2021

You may know by now that TasteBox is big on veggies, but definitely not boring veggies. Balsamic Roasted Vegetables is yet another way to make your veggies delicious. It’s a very easy side dish for a braai, pan-fried steak, a piece of nice fish, or chicken.

30th Aug, 2021

No matter the reason for which someone chooses to consult with me (be it weight loss, sports nutrition, or a medical condition), I always make sure to have a conversation about mindful eating and the power it has in helping us to keep our health and nutrition in check.

12th Aug, 2021

Frequent movement of any kind is one of the pillars of good health and it does not have to be hectic movement or prolonged movement either.

19th Aug, 2021

No one should be eating dry meat and veg in an effort “to be healthy”. If you are cooking your meals at home using good fresh ingredients, there is no reason at all not to enjoy a nice gravy.

5th Aug, 2021

Boiling or steaming are not the only way to cook your veg. You are bound to get bored if this is all you are doing! There are plenty of ways to enhance and improve the flavour of veg and once you try some of these tricks and tips you will find you are eating a lot more!

29th Jul, 2021

Even the most ardent fitness fanatics, the ones with spinach and tuna in their fridges, need a little something sweet now and again.This recipe for Lowly’s Superior Oat Bars takes under 20 minutes to make and ensures that you do not eat something chock full of nasty chemicals whose names you can’t pronounce.

26th Jul, 2021

Quick, easy and nutritious meals are at a premium in our busy lives but the humble sweet potato offers a fabulous fix.

22nd Jul, 2021

These fritters are so one with a poached egg for breakfast, spread with some cream cheese for lunch or have them as a side with a braai!

21st Jul, 2021

I made these for Jackson but they soon became one of my breakfast staples. Super quick and easy to make, plus packed with fibre and protein.

21st Jul, 2021

It's an exciting time when your baby starts to feed himself. But what do you give when he isn't yet able to chew through the same meal as you are? Fritters are an easy all-in-one meal solution for you and baby!

21st Jul, 2021

A big bunch of fresh kale can be intimidating to the non-cook. But once you know how to deal with it, there is no reason to exclude this superfood from your diet.

20th Jul, 2021

Is bread friend or foe when it comes to health and wellness? Here is our take.

24th Jun, 2021

Hi, my name is Steph, I am a dietician who hates the word diet. Let me explain.

24th Jun, 2021

We never specify which oil is needed in a TasteBox recipe - we don't want you to feel pressurized to spend money on fancy oils. We're just happy that you are taking the trouble to cook at home - something that is essential for good health.

20th Jul, 2021

In order to deal with some logistical challenges, we are changing our delivery day and also our order cut-off time. Please read through to see how this may affect you, and why we are doing it.

19th May, 2021

Meatballs without flour or breadcrumbs are a bonus for those who are watching their weight or are gluten intolerant and having a batch in the fridge is easy. Here’s a simple recipe to make your own with additional instructions for our signature Italian seasoning.

19th May, 2021

Skip the flip and preheat the oven, this fantastic omelette recipe will serve you up a breakfast that looks as good as it tastes. No mess, no fuss, and absolutely fail-proof!

19th May, 2021


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