Where do our ingrediants come from?

We carefully choose our suppliers to ensure that you are getting the best quality and freshest ingredients possible. We strive to support local businesses and farmers and design our recipes around seasonal produce.

When will I receive my TasteBox?

Once orders for the Basket of the Week have closed, a TasteBox team member will contact you to confirm your address and a suitable time for delivery. Delivery will take place either on the Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning after your order.

How do I make sure that my TasteBox contents stay as fresh as possible?

We pack all our ingredients at the last possible minute, meaning you are receiving fresh ingredients. Once we have delivered to you, please refrigerate your ingredients as soon as you can to ensure they remain fresh. So, if you are taking delivery at work, make sure there is fridge space for your TasteBox.

How does my meat stay safe?

We send you the meat portions frozen. This helps to make sure your meat is safe and also helps to keep your TasteBox cold. We recommend that you do not re-freeze any meat that has already thawed. Rather keep it in the fridge and then use within the week.

What if I am vegetarian?

Some of our meal kits are vegetarian meals but we are currently working on vegetarian-only Baskets of the Week, which will be available in the near future!

Can TasteBox work around my dietary restrictions?

Potential allergens are listed under each meal on our meal page. Our ingredients are all delivered in separate packages, so if there is something you are allergic to or dislike, you can simply leave it out of the recipe. 

What if I don’t eat red meat?

We will always strive to meet your needs, and swapping red meat for another meat is easy enough to do. If this is the case for you, please send us an email on enquiries@tastebox.co.za and we will discuss your requirements in person. 

Are there any ingredients I will need or does TasteBox provide everything?

TasteBox strives to equip you with almost everything you will need for your meals but there are a few basics you will need, such as oil, salt, pepper, milk and balsamic vinegar. When you purchase your Basket of the Week you will be emailed a PDF version of the meal kit instructions, which will tell you what ingredients you will need to provide. Check out our TasteBox starter kit of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Italian herbs and rock salt, you can purchase this with your next basket of the Week.

Where can I find the nutritional information of each recipe?

The nutritional breakdown of a serving of each meal is displayed on the PDF that you receive once you have purchased your Basket of the Week. 

What cooking equipment will I need?

We aim to keep our meals simple enough that you should be able to cook them with kitchen basics. Equipment you are likely to need are: pots with lids, frying pans, tongs, spatula, wooden spoon, a baking tray, a colander, measuring spoons and a measuring jug. 

What should I do with my packaging?

Being environmentally conscious, we encourage you to please recycle or reuse what packaging you can. We are happy to take back the brown boxes and polystyrene from you when we deliver your next Basket of the Week. 

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